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Ep003 Amanda Wanowski - Chew The Chat Podcast with Sam Souls

February 10, 2020

Hey, hello & welcome to episode 003 of Chew The Chat Podcast with Sam Souls. This episode is with our guest Amanda Wanowski. Amanda has a fascinating story that centres around her bullet proof drive and determination to succeed no matter the challenge.
Amanda is the founder and owner of The Breakthrough project. The Breakthrough Project is the opportunity for expansion and growth helping people come back from from PTSD, Depression and anxiety. Amanda her self experienced suicide in the family as well as the early death of a parent. Moving up to 30 times from home to home around London and eventually being in Foster care, she eventually found her purpose in her athletics club, where she proved to be exceptional and dreamed of making the Olympics. Amanda, educated her self across a host of holistic, psychological and physical areas, she spent time serving on the front line in Afghanistan as a theatre medic and eventually broke down and needed to find her strength and heal herself once more. Her appetite for learning and pushing the boundaries of what is possible for humans and the mind body is still insatiable now, her work with The Breakthrough project is testament to that. 

Enjoy this guys its a story of strength, determination, education, grit and belief. It most certainly concludes with an ending worthy of a film script!


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